Report on the Distributed Elearning Accessibility project


Commissioned by TechDis, the JISC-funded Advisory Service that works to promote an accessible and inclusive experience for students and staff in Higher and Further Education.

The DelAcc project sought to:

  • raise awareness of disability and e-learning issues within DeL development teams based in Subject Centres
  • exemplify practices that highlight e-learning as an enabler using the work carried out under the DeL programme
  • provide a mechanism for documenting processes and harvesting cases when working with e-learning.

The project facilitated a frank discussion with the participating projects concerning the accessibility and disability issues encountered. This report documents those issues and the lessons learned, as well as providing a set of recommendations for future project participants and funders.

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Assessing accessibility guidelines for use by TechDis


 The research involved the assessment of 13 sets of guidelines on web accessibility for their suitability for incorporation into TechDis' own guidance. Key recommendations:

  • ensure TechDis guidance is aimed at non-technical users
  • make the guidance an exemplar of accessible web-based informational and instructional design
  • adopt a user-centred design approach and ensure future iterations incorporate the results of evaluations
  • consider providing 'just-in-time' help via web- or phone-based support services
  • consider supporting the development of a community of practice for non-technical content authors to share their knowledge concerning accessible e-learning.

Download full report [MS Word 554kb]

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