Adkins Design

Graphic design agency 
Collaborations include Mind 'Quality Handbook'

Alexander Braddell Consultancy

Workplace literacy specialist
Collaborations include SCIE/Skills for Care project on basic skills in social care

Neil Ballantyne

Independent consultant
Collaborations include SIESWE transition support materials

Richard Banks Associates

Skills and workforce consultancy for the social care sector in England
Collaborations include SCIE regional KM network

Jon Bolton

Social work and e-learning consultancy
Collaborations include e-learning guide for care employers


Web design and development
Accessible web development for a range of clients

Centre for HCI Design 

City University London web accessibility experts
Collaborations include consultancy on web accessibility for the Disability Rights Commission

Chetz Colwell 

Web and e-learning accessibility consultant
Collaborations include 'Horses for [Accessible] Courses', TechDis e-learning content accessibility guidance report


Consultants and professional development experts in adult social care and children's services

Digital Media Access Group 

University of Dundee web accessibility experts
Collaborations include accessiblity audits, Accessible Design in the Digital World 2005 conference

Nadia Downie

Independent front end web developer, including Flash
Collaborations include CareSkillsbase website

ERD Associates

Marketing and communications consultancy
Collaborations include Rix Centre Multimedia Advocacy marketing


Web development agency
Collaborations include Delta Partnership

Gillian Granville Associates

Research and evaluation specialists
Collaborations include evaluation of Marie Curie Research Facilitation programme


Graphic design agency
Collaborations include Openmind magazine

Intranet focus

Information management and intranet management consultancy services 

Gary Kempston

Collaborations include Openmind magazine

Geoff Minshull

Online conferencing
Collaborations include Ferl VLE conference 2004


E-learning and knowledge services agency
Collaborations include Options appraisal for social care portal

Net efficiency

Technical developers offering open source content management services using Typo3 system

Kathryn Perry 

Writer and editor
Collaborations include Openmind magazine

Daniel Pudles

Collaborations include Mind Inquiry into Social Exclusion and Mental Health


Knowledge and information management recruitment and consultancy agency. Collaborations include Information seeking behaviour research for NICE/SCIE

Christine Urquhart

Information scientist, researcher and lecturer at University of Aberystwyth
Collaborations include information seeking behavious in health and social care workforce, critical thinking in adult social care


Video production, facilities house, training provider
Collaborations include video guides on CareSkillsbase website

Sara Waterer

Information architect, journalist and content consultant specialising in digital and print media.

Alison Yeoman

Information scientist and researcher 
Collaborations include information seeking behaviours in health and social care, critical thinking in adult social care, definitions of social work

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